Jeannie Driver

There’s Always Enough Space

2nd April - 12th April


‘There is always enough Space’, reconfigures  a 7meter ladder to fit into the 3 x 2 meter space. Pressing on the boundaries of the space, the work interplay's with light to create further echoes of itself. 

 The work is a direct response to the space, its physical dimensions, and internal white cube gallery’s aesthetic, but also that of its external presence, as some kind of dark shed hovering in the courtyard.

Jeannie Driver’s practice, grounded in drawing and material, presents as installation, sculpture and film. 

Absorbed by the cyclical nature of materials and shifting notions of value, Jeannie re-processes and reconfigures familiar, often waste, materials and objects, utilising their histories and symbolism to create works that communicate through material analogies.