Black Box


in space

When I held you in my arms,
you exited the building into the city far towards the horizon

Paula Smolarska
Built environment. Shell
12 January - 2 February
Remove the frame but not the structure
Alice Jacobs
8 December - 15 December

on/off site

Chaos of vision
Matthew Pang & Lucy Turner
Woman in a bath, reflections at night. An enduring image, a slapin the face.
Black Box & The Maltings, Riverside Gallery
7 November - 1 December

in progress...




Critical Dialogues Library

Auschwitz on the Beach
Franco "Bifo" Berardi in conversation with curator Felice Moramarco.


Is there still hope? According to what you wrote in your open resignation letter from Diem25, it seems that Europe cannot be saved.

Europe has been turned into a machine to transfer wealth from society o the financial system. Now it has turned into a machine of extermination. Nothing can be saved [..].


Black Box residency opens A Taste of Sun // Nikolai Nekh:

(film still)

(film still)

...certainly, in some moments, we have to close our eyes!
from 10 June until 10 July.


~ PAST ~

Black Box residency opens with a new moving-image work Handworks // Rafal Zajko:

(film still). Wall-based concrete and steel panel, free-hand embroidery

(film still). Wall-based concrete and steel panel, free-hand embroidery

...themes of monuments, socialist public sculpture and the relationship between the body and technology.

from 31 April to 31 May.