Alice Jacobs

Remove the frame but not the structure

8 December – 14 December 2017 | PV, Friday 8 December, 2017

* This was performed live on Friday 8th December.

Documentation of this performance was shown at PERICLO (Wrexham), as part of Pilot Screens, a one-day screening event in collaboration with James Harper (PERICLO). - Pilot Screens present works by Alice Jacobs, Jazbo Gross & Luli Perez, Raphaella Davies, Rafal Zajko and Catinca Malaimare. Read more.


Alice J.jpg

The repetition of the darkest is split by the light,

A continuum, revolving at an unknown instant.

Shadow acting as the frame for time,

Yet the structure holds the light in the place of time.


By trying to define the position of where the infinite lies, do we then understand how motion itself works?

As a stage for performance, the Black Box identity is constantly willing to invite and accommodate fiction, imagining new languages through performative practice. For her show at Black Box, Alice Jacobs elevates irony and deals with the symbolical aspects of domesticity, through site-specific frameworks and parameters. Her stage therefore often becomes a metaphor, carefully constructed to question these notions.

Alice Jacobs (b.1992), works and lives in London. Having graduated with an MA in Fine Art Performance at The Royal College of Art, Jacobs works in performance that encompasses structural sculptures. These usually consist of defunct objects which are used to embody a narrative in gestures. Her performances aim to strip the body from its own existence enabling it to become a representation. She does this by building sets which are meticulously specific to host each piece. Recent exhibitions include: Mockumenta, Now, How? by William Kherbek, Decad Gallery, Berlin, Germany. Live streamed from Concertina by Richard Wentworth and APPARATA, Arebyte Gallery, London. Breathing OUT, Breathing IN, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. 18/19 Open-Source,Void Gallery, Athens, Greece. (2017) Performance Art Meeting, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland. Being Doing, Asylum Church, Maverick Projects, London. (2016). Surround Sound Project, New World Center, Art Basel, Miami, U.S.A. (2015).